I don’t think it’s enough to just take photos anymore.

I take from anywhere, I don’t have set ideas, there is no formula. I find influence in everything. Every image is different. My whole approach
is physical, there is no Photoshop or re-touch. I appropriate, I manipulate and juxtapose, I re-light (this is crucial) and then I re-photograph.
I’ll use whatever methods I can to push my own limits. My practice takes me so far that I really don’t know any more (or even care) whether
I’m an artist or a photographer.

I’ve been pushing for a long time now. Developing a craft. Searching for something more. I’ve built my practice over a number of years.
The story writes itself. I never follow a script.

I work with narrative – I am fascinated by fairytale. Ancient and magical, macabre and melancholy, illusion and hallucination, contradiction
and combination, fantasy and reality.

There are no rules. Anything is possible.




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